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Hal Cameron’s career has encompassed a wide range of legal work including representation of the United States of American in the first asbestos cases filed against Pittsburgh Corning Corporation and the United States of America in the Eastern District of Texas.  Additionally, he filed and successfully tried to conclusion the first land condemnation cases in the Big Thicket National Preserve, the West Hackberry Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project, and represented the landowner in one of the first cases filed regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline in the Eastern District of Texas.

Mr. Cameron has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in complex litigation in Federal and State Courts in personal injury cases, as well as appeals to the United States Circuit Courts and State appeals of cases involving land condemnation, oil and gas issues, as well as insurance coverage questions and numerous other cases.  Mr. Cameron was an Assistant United States Attorney where he was the chief of the Civil Division.  He is a founding member of various mediation societies in Texas and has mediated over 500 disputes.  He is also a panel member of the American Arbitration Association.


Real Estate and Environmental Representation

An experienced condemnation lawyer, having tried thousands of condemnation cases in both State and Federal Courts for over 40 years, Hal Cameron’s experience as an owner of an oil and gas exploration company, a real estate and leasehold owner, tree farmer, bank owner, and real estate investor have aided him in protecting his clients and the public from overreaching condemnation.

Hal Cameron’s most recent condemnation verdicts and awards include a recovery of 20 times over an offer for a pipeline easement and the recovery of 30 times an offer in a powerline easement case.  In another pipeline easement case he recovered $400 a rod for his client in a  taking of unimproved pasture lands.

While the foregoing cases are indicative of his successful efforts to protect his clients from the uneven bargaining position enjoyed by those with the power of eminent domain, these are by no means the extent of his representation in condemnation cases.  During the past 15 years, he has handled to conclusion many cases in Federal courts that involve interstate oil and gas pipelines and their adverse effect on individual and company lands in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Oil & Gas

Hal Cameron has experience in litigation involving the acquisition and defense of pipeline right-of-ways as well as the acquisition of property by the United States of America, private individuals and entities with the power of eminent domain.  This experience involved the acquisition of such Federal projects as the 85,000-acre Big Thicket National Preserve, and the acquisition of pipeline right-of-ways for the United States and Department of Energy for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project, as well as representation of landowners in cases involving pipeline and transmission right-of-ways in Texas.  His energy related experience includes over 5,000 cases dealing with the acquisition of individual property rights and property owner’s defense in eminent domain proceedings.  He has formed and operated a large exploration company and successfully drilled and operated gas wells in East Texas which lends to his familiarity with drilling operations, pipelines, transmission, State regulatory agencies - rate setting, lease obligation/royalties/land and mineral owner’s rights, joint operating agreements and gas processing.

Additionally, he has over 40 years of experience handling large international corporations in their contractual disputes and representations of them in court proceedings involving disputes relating to employment practices, employee relations, acquisitions, bankruptcy, environmental concerns, insurance coverage, as well as appraisals and claims.  He has represented plaintiffs and defendants in numerous complex litigation cases that involved real estate, oil and gas, lending institutions, civil rights, and toxic tort claims.  Other areas of experience include labor law, product liability, and negligence.  Employment law experience includes representation of companies and/or claimants in age discrimination, contract changes, ADA claims, Title VII civil rights claims, EEOC actions, violations of non-compete clauses in employee contracts, commissions and sexual harassment claims.  Relief sought ranged from re-instatement of upper executive positions to damages for breach of contract and violation of stock options agreements and damages in excess of $100 million.

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